Mark Zuckerberg to galvanize chinese officials

Mark Zuckerberg to galvanize chinese officials

Mark Zuckerberg  to galvanize chinese officials

There are few specified matters on this world, but this is — or was once — one in every of them: regardless of the day, the celebration or the position, facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will put on a grey t-shirt, or a gray hoodie, or a gray t-shirt under a grey hoodie.

For years, this has been an occasion as usual because the teach schedules: Zuckerberg bragged about it on the in these days show in 2012. He wore his hoodie on Wall avenue — swamped through resentful, besuited bankers — when fb was once promoting inventory to the public. And he flaunted it on his first day again from paternity leave this 12 months.
Every person believed in Zuckerberg because the quintessential startup CEO using the hoodie as the perfect thumb in the eye of conformist company capitalism in desire of Silicon Valley liberty.

Has it all been lies?

Speaking in China today, Zuckerberg wore…A swimsuit.

An sincere to goodness, sharply tailored, I-run-a-multibillion-dollar-corporation suit.


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