Ali Zafar speaking motivated about his journey of success at Young Leaders Conference

Ali Zafar speaking motivated about his journey of success at Young Leaders Conference

AZ’s message to the youth. “Recognise yourself and your dreams and go for it. Don’t let anyone stop you. Each one of you are special. Aspire for greatness”. Here’s the complete talk. This may change your life.

You are destined for greatness! All you need to do is ask yourself ‘mein kon houn?’ – ‘Who am I?’
Many times, we need to listen to the voice inside of our heart to do what we really love, rather than focusing on what is expected of us. People may settle for less, and be successful and happy whereas those who we see as successful may still be struggling to find happiness.


AlKaram Eid collection 2016

AlKaram Eid collection 2016 – In outlets from may 27
may just 26, 2016
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AlKaram Eid Collection 2016

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Imran Khan Back in Pakistan.

Imran Khan Back in Pakistan ……

imran khan today coming back pakistan from london. imran khan staying banni gala and meeting in 3pm PTI members. He clear the all panama leaks victms today 5pm on  Parliment of Pakistan ,… and PM Pakistan Nawaz Sharif also coming on parliment of Pakistan . He is doing of answer in all question of Opposition and also PTI leader ..

‘Mah-e-Mir Review

‘Mah-e-Mir Review
In its early years, movie was once as much about studying some thing new as it was once about witnessing something better than lifestyles on an unusually giant screen. Over time, world over, the learning bit has been compromised for the cinematic experience.

If the over-reliance on speak in talkies sacrificed the visible grandeur of this primarily visual medium, then improvements in sound design made horror movies a mainstream anomaly. Distinct effects, satirically, made Michael Bay essentially the most effective storyteller of our times, so on and so on. What we’re left with are remnants of what first-rate storytelling used to seem and consider like. Trendy day audiences, at gigantic, are unaware of what it’s like to give up by the hands of the director, each emotionally and intellectually, and witness something that stays with you; like an arrow within the liver, as Ghalib would put it.

The fondness for convenient leisure is much more dominant in our part of the arena. The old world has close to fallen in Bollywood with producers, and commonly even distributors, determining film content in these days. In Pakistan, it has been lifeless for a long time. And the brand new order is in disarray: our film-makers today are simply keen on putting a movie out there just in order that they are able to fund the subsequent one.

Amid all this urgency and confusion comes Mah-e-Mir like a full moon on a dismal and cloudy night. Sarmad Sehbai and Anjum Shahzad’s masterpiece stands out among the plethora of typical Pakistani movies via making the audiences take part within the very thriller it tries to unravel. Via cleverly investigating an artist’s romance with his imaginarium within the presence of so many worldly disorders, the film will most likely emerge as a reference factor for each upcoming artists and screenwriters. Whether audiences would reply to the movie with as so much passion as an artist would, one are not able to say.


David Cronenberg’s A hazardous approach aspects Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, performed through Michael Fassbender, and his mentor Sigmund Freud, performed by way of Viggo Mortensen. In certainly one of their most interesting exchanges, Jung tells Freud, “there are such a large amount of mysteries, so much additional to head,” to which Freud responds, “Please, we are able to’t be too careful! We will’t afford to wander into these speculative areas. Telepathy! Singing bookcases! Fairies on the backside of the backyard! It gained’t do! It gained’t do.”

A identical discussion on ghazal gigantic Mir Taqi Mir’s obsession with the moon sets the tone of the movie as more than a few critics weigh in on this exact madness of the author in the course of a tv show. This doesn’t go well with Jamal (Fahad Mustafa), an upcoming poet who is watching the exhibit in a espresso condo and in a method much like that of Jung, he questions this fixation with Mir with the aid of making a are living name on the exhibit and asking, “Why does Mir not see Neil Armstrong on the moon instead of fairy-like girl?” So starts a movie that centres itself around the very inspiration of insanity or vehshat, as the screenwriter interprets it, and makes use of it to propel debates reminiscent of that of the classical vs the normal.

Dr Kaleem (Manzar Sehbai), who leads that television discussion, is the torchbearer of classics and a nice admirer of Mir. He’s the polar reverse of Jamal and, very like Jung and Freud, they too find some type of salvation in one an extra, whether or not they receive it or not.

The genius of Sarmad fairly comes out when an awfully literary debate turns into a dialogue in regards to the deconstruction of the gift-day human situation and the way it will get influenced by the environment.

The consistent tug of struggle between purpose and emotion is what makes the viewer relate to Jamal’s frustration. Mah-e-Mir uses indulgence in artwork as an break out from basic existential problems and the artist’s incapability to balance the two. Even though the answer it presents is a bit of dark and gritty for a viewer who has thus far been finding his or her catharsis in Pakistani serials, it is on the other hand very honest. On a aspect note, Manzar’s outlook, too, has stark similarities with Freud. Probably, even i am fixated.


the real charm of Mah-e-Mir, nevertheless, lies in the truth that, going for walks for a bit of over two hours, the movie stretches but does now not snap. All the visible references in the movie, corresponding to that of the halqa (circle), the espresso apartment, the historic bookstore and even minor things such because the Rilke booklet, have been justified within the context of the narrative. In terms of cinematography, it does depend too much on close-united statesand at locations the viewer is left looking some respiration space, but even that works inside the dramatic context of the film: it runs down emotions; consequently, the focal point on the faces.

The film also includes an extraordinarily foremost message for other movie-makers: the right way to use flashbacks sparingly but conveniently. They didn’t appear repetitive and but, consistently delivered some nuance to the narrative without compromising on its %. Anjum and his actors deserve equal credit for anchoring the movie firmly. Manzar intended every phrase he said and felt each move he made handiest in view that it was once clear that he virtually knew what he used to be speaking about. High that with a gruff vocal texture and you’ll have the first-rate example of system performing in entrance of you. Paras Masroor as Jamal’s friend, Ally Khan as the ruler of the time and Huma Nawab as Kaleem’s ex-wife appear for a short interval but make each body ooze with their dilemmas. Mah-e-Mir is one film of latest occasions that has the correct actors for the correct roles, save for Sanam Saeed’s half of-baked portrayal of Naina Kanwal.


the issues with the movie are both blatant and good hid with the moon in the sky. Sure, the primary hassle with the film is the computer-generated moon, a classy alternative that eclipses all of the curiosity developed round its very existence. With its visual implausibility, the moon by no means becomes for the audience what it became for Mir.

Even though Fahad has proved with this position that he’s essentially the most versatile actor of the new lot, at places his recitation of verses and lengthy Urdu monologues appear slightly amateur for a movie that demanded total manage and finesse.

However, there have been foremost disorders of sound design as good. The attention-to-detail given to artwork path was once precisely what lacked with the sound design. And on account that the movie seamlessly switches between two very exclusive eras, a huge variety of musical devices and a form of sounds could were integrated to make it more dynamic. And lastly, do not comply with the subtitles. They are deceptive and incomplete. This provides to one other factor: people who in finding it intricate to comply with Urdu in its purest type might need some help from elders.


whether you supply credit score to her makeup artist or to her average looks, Iman Ali has proved that she is an absolute stunner. Her on-screen persona coupled with the lilted speak delivery is bound to inspire. Even when her dance strikes weren’t as delicate as that of her fellow dancer, Iman’s role as a courtesan has much more depth to it; her eyes communicate of the predicament of the lady who stands at the a crossroad of what she wants and what is anticipated of her. Between taking part in a lady who is so powerful that she can make or spoil a poet to enjoying a girl who has no will of her own, Iman has proved that, on the second, she is the one whole package deal in Pakistani cinema.


music is one subject where most Pakistani films have lacked in latest instances. Nonetheless, with Mah-e-Mir, each Shahi Hasan and Ahmad Jahanzaib have delivered one of the crucial best music albums of late. The songs not only keep authentic to the story but additionally add personality to the film. Rajab Ali Khan of Azal repute offers a fresh take on Mir’s Yeh Dhoan Sa and his husky voice and acoustic arrangement make for a treat. Then again, Piya Dekhan Ko through Shafqat Amamant Ali is a individual favourite for it brings back the Shafqat of the Fuzon days; a Shafqat who would sing as well with the harmonium as he might with a rock band. Shahi has come out of the closet in sort and the grandeur of Piya Dekhan Ko will surely silence most of his critics.


Asim Jofa garden assortment 2016

Asim Jofa garden assortment 2016
This needs to be the hottest assortment of the yr. Asim Jofa lawn 2016 is without doubt one of the most awaited collections of the season, as consistently. Costs, like final 12 months, are set at PK Rs. Eight,000 per unstitched go well with. There are 14 unusual new designs on this 12 months’s Asim Jofa summer season garden collection 2016. Every one is specific in it’s possess method, and is available in two unique colour combinations to provide the customers more options to decide on from. Like consistently, we have now the entire range displayed below with whole description of what’s incorporated in each and every costume listed beneath. Investigate out these individual prints and decide which one nice suits you. That you could preorder the clothes from Asim Jofa stockists to make sure that your favored design does not get out of stock.

Asim Jofa Lawn Collection 2016

Prices: PK Rs. 7,995 per unstitched suit.


Create a look that’s dramatic and bold with AJL – 01A Green. Mixing together a woven Jacquard panel with an embroidered neckline, embroidered Dupatta and a striking printed Back in addition to an exquisite border, this design makes a classic addition to your selection of evening wear .

This design includes:
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1 Meter Net Sleeves
2.5 Meter Dyed Trouser
2.5 Meter Net Embroidered Dupatta with 2.5 meter embroidered borders

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